Animal FAQs

Are dogs allowed to be off-leash?

Dogs must be leashed at all times unless on their own property, in their owner’s car, or at the City’s dog park. If you share a common area (such as in an apartment complex, townhome complex, etc.) dogs must be kept on a leash.

What do I do if my dog has been impounded?

Impounded animals are available for pick-up at the South St Paul Animal Hospital. Please contact them for specific requirements of your pet’s release: 651-455-5897.

My neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking. What can I do?

Per City ordinance, if a dog is repeatedly barking, yelping, or crying for 3 minute intervals or more it could be considered a nuisance. Please call 911 and ask an officer to be dispatched out on a barking dog complaint. The officer will need to personally hear the disturbance to confirm the violation.

Are dogs in the city required to be licensed?

No, dogs are no longer required to be licensed in the city.

Are rabies vaccinations required?

All dogs, cats, and ferrets over the age of 3 months are required to be vaccinated against rabies.

I was just bit by a dog. What should I do?

Call 911 and ask an officer to be dispatched out. From there, they will see that you are provided medical attention and will take a report, walking you through the next steps.

I’m concerned about an animal being abused or neglected. Who should I report it to?

Please contact the Animal Humane Society. Call 612-772-9999. A report can also be filed online at:

I lost my dog/cat. What should I do?

You can report your missing pet to our Police Department during business hours at 651-450-2525 or call 911 after regular business hours. There are also several rescue groups to help you find your lost pet, including the Lost Dogs of MN, Lost Cats of MN, and the Humane Society.

I’m worried about wild animals in my area. Who can I contact?

If you have concerns or questions about a wild animal (fox, coyote, deer, etc.) please contact the DNR. The DNR can be reached at 651-296-6157 or

Is bow hunting allowed in the City?

Bow hunting is allowed in some zoning districts. Please click on this link for more information:

There’s a dead animal in the road. Who can I call?

For the removal of domestic and larger, wild animals, please contact our Street Department at 651-450-4309.