Minnesota GreenStep Cities

IGH Achieves Step 5 of GreenStep Cities, for a Second Year!

IGH is one of 147 cities participating in the Minnesota GreenStep Cities program. This free and voluntary program is led by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and several private and public partner organizations. It provides cities hands-on assistance in achieving sustainability goals related to social, environmental and financial stewardship, while also helping cities showcase success stories with their communities. By participating, cities benefit from a wide network of experienced local government professionals, a structured performance metrics collection process, free technical guidance on ordinances changes and operations updates, and more. 

The City achieved Step 5 of GreenStep Cities for a second year in a row by improving year-over-year on more than three metrics. Recently notable IGH GreenStep Cities metric improvements include:

  • LED lighting usage in the VMCC and City Hall parking lots increased from 20% to 100% between 2019-2021 [Metric 1.6].
  • Amount of private solar panel installations in IGH increased from 19 to 45 between 2019-2021 [Metric 14.1].
  • IGH community participation in Xcel Energy’s off-site renewable energy programs increased from 775 subscriptions to 1,009 between 2019-2021 [Metric 14.6].

Visit this page to learn more about the city’s GreenStep Cities efforts, and watch the video produced by the local cable channel, Insight 7, below.