Pavement Management Initiative

Citizen Task Force Focuses on Repair of City Streets

City Council gave direction to city staff to undertake major pavement rehabilitation projects across the city in 2022-2023 and beyond.  It also created a Pavement Management Citizen Task Force (CTF) to conduct an in-depth study of current infrastructure needs and explore effective funding strategies. 

The CTF presented their findings and recommendations to City Council on June 13, 2022:

View CTF Final Report Summary PowerPoint Presentation

View CTF Final Report in its entirety

View Map of Current & Future Street Repair Project Areas

View Summer 2022 Insights Pavement Management Initiative Article

Below are some of the data and information the CTF examined as it prepared its recommendations:

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2023 or Later Proposed Construction Projects

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  1. Bolland Trail & 62nd Street
  2. Carmen Avenue & Claude Way
  3. Cheney Trail & Coffman Path
  4. Upper 55th Street

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Project Timeline

  • Begin Construction - May 2023
  • Substantial Completion - September 2023
  • Assessment Hearing - September/October 2023

Previous Meetings & Project Documents

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If you don’t see your neighborhood included on the project map, check back! City leadership is making a long-term commitment to road improvements. An ambitious project pace will continue every year until we improve city roads to the condition we all want them in.

Completed Pavement Management Projects:

  • Akron Ave. & 50th Street (2022)
  • Albano Trail & Albright Court (2022)
  • Alison Way (2022)
  • Tyne Lane (2022)