Pavement Management & Rehabilitation Initiative

Paving the Way to Better Streets in IGH!

Council Approves Focused Pavement Repair Initiative 

At a Work Session on September 7, 2021, City Council reviewed a Pavement Management Program strategy presentation and gave direction to city staff to undertake major pavement rehabilitation projects across the city in 2022-2023 and beyond. 

City Council also created a Pavement Management Citizen Task Force (CTF) that is currently working closely with councilmembers and city staff to study current infrastructure needs and explore sustainable future funding strategies. The CTF will present their findings and recommendations to City Council in spring 2022.

Proposed Pavement Rehabilitation Projects


2022 Construction Projects

  1. Akron Avenue & 50th Street
  2. Alison Way
  3. Tyne Lane
  4. Albano Trail & Albright Court

City Project No. 2022-09K
See a map of the project (PDF).

Previous Meetings and Project Documents

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2023 or Later Construction Projects

  1. Bolland Trail & 62nd Street
  2. Carmen Avenue & Claude Way
  3. Cheney Trail & Coffman Path
  4. Upper 55th Street

See a map of the project (PDF)

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While preliminary planning is ongoing, the project is no longer a candidate for 2022 construction. Please see the project update letter (PDF).

Tentative Pavement Rehabilitation Schedule for 2022 Projects

  • Oct. 18 through Dec. 2021: Survey crews out in neighborhoods collecting data for feasibility reports. 
  • Mid-Nov. 2021 or after: Neighborhood Open House meeting invitations sent
  • Beginning January 2022: Notification of public hearing on each project at a City Council meeting.
  • Beginning summer 2022: First phase of construction begins

Pavement Management Citizen Task Force

The Pavement Management Citizen Task Force has been tasked with examining the city’s Pavement Management Program and providing recommendations to the City Council on how to improve the program. The CTF meets periodically and examines how we select project areas, how we pay for improvements, and the methods we use to rehabilitate our streets. Here are some of the presentations and data they have examined in recent weeks:

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If you don’t see your neighborhood included on the project map, check back! City leadership is making a long-term commitment to road improvements. An ambitious project pace will continue every year until we improve city roads to the condition we all want them in.