Examples of Work

Work Expected of Firefighters

  • Responds to fire and rescue calls and other emergencies as required and when in the community at all hours of the day or night
  • Responds to fire alarms in a safe and expeditious manner, including properly positioning fire apparatus and other equipment, while conducting himself or herself in a safe and efficient manner 
  • Rescues individuals from fires and other emergency situations, evacuates occupants from burning structures and assists them to safety, and administers first aid to injured persons as required 
  • Extinguishes fires, places hoses and ladders, operates pumps, directs streams of water, uses other extinguishing agents as appropriate, ventilates structures by opening windows or cutting holes, etc. May operate aerial equipment, fire extinguishers, bar axes, as required. Involves working inside, outside, or on top of burning and smoke-filled structures in all types of weather 
  • Performs salvage operations which may include placing canvas, removing excess water, shoveling out debris, patching windows and holes, and performing other cleanup as directed by officers 
  • Cleans up and prepares equipment, including refueling vehicles, refilling water tanks, recharging SCBAs and extinguishers, washing trucks and hand tools, drying and reloading hose, and performs other work needed to return vehicles and equipment to ready status 
  •  Assists in inspecting, maintaining, and repairing as necessary all fire-related equipment; completes proper check lists and reports damaged and improperly functioning equipment 
  • Maintains facility and performs housekeeping duties as directed Includes maintenance of building and grounds, sweeping and washing floors and walls, cleaning training areas and apparatus floor, and performing minor repairs as needed and as assigned 
  • Assists in fire prevention duty as assigned, assists with fire prevention education in the schools and with the public as required, and maintains and improves rescue and firefighting skills 
  •  Attends training sessions; studies materials on fire hazards, firefighting, and rescue methods 
  • Maintains familiarity with city streets and all fire department equipment, complies with minimum training and attendance requirements 
  • Maintains personal appearance such that it does not prevent the use of safety equipment, maintenance of facial hair meets OSHA standards 
  • Assists training officers and other officers in conducting training exercises as requested 
  • Attends all fire department functions as prescribed in the fire department bylaws