70th Street Trunk Storm Sewer Special Tax District Levy

A letter dated May 31, 2017, was sent to the owners of approximately 3300 parcels in the City notifying them of the upcoming City Council consideration of final action to certify a storm water special tax district levy for a past trunk storm sewer project.  That letter provided a brief explanation of the project and the process establishing the tax levy.

The following links provide additional historic information concerning the project and the levy process.  The first two links pertain to the establishment of the special tax districts.  The third link is the most recent update presented to the City Council.  The fourth link is the aforementioned May 31, 2017 letter.  The fifth link is the statutory authority to establish special tax districts.  The sixth link is the mapping for the three subject special tax districts. The seventh through the ninth links are the affidavits of publication for the ordinances establishing the special tax districts.

Questions can be directed at "Ask a Question" or to Public Works Director, Scott Thureen

Special Links
1. 3/22/04 Public Hearing Establishing Special Taxing District
2. 3/22/04 City Council Minutes
3. 4/10/17 City Council Agenda Item Considering Special Taxing District
4. 5/31/17 Special Tax District Letter
5. MN Statute Special Tax District Local Government Unit
6. Special District Map

Affidavits of Publication
7. Ordinance 1081 (Babcock Trail Taxing District)
8. Ordinance 1082 (South Grove Taxing District)
9. Ordinance 1083 (70th Street Taxing District)