New Fire Station

In summer of 2017, the Inver Grove Heights (IGH) City Council approved the purchase of land for a new fire station in the City. Since that time, the final design was completed and approved, utilities are being run to the new property, and construction is anticipated to start in September 2018. Presently, there are two fire stations with Station 1 located at 7015 Clayton Avenue and Station 3 at 2059 Upper 55th Street. The original Station 2 was closed in the 70’s. This new station will be known as Station 2.
The IGH Fire Department (IGHFD) operates a primarily paid-on-call (non-career) fire department. This means that all but 5 operational and administrative staff have a full time job outside the fire department and train and respond for IGHFD - in their spare time!  Those non-career firefighters bid a minimum of 28 hours a month in either 4 or 8 hour shifts, to cover what is called a Duty Crew response model. The Duty Crew allows for 3 non-career firefighters to be on staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This response model saves the City a considerable amount of money by not having to hire a significant number of full time personnel to cover the same amount of hours. Having a fire station staffed at all hours improves response time to all calls in the city over the old model where firefighters would travel from their homes to the fire station only after the emergency call came in.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that we often get asked on the new fire station.