Consumer Confidence Reports on IGH Drinking Water Quality

2022 Drinking Water Quality Report

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The City of IGH Utilities Division has completed the 2022 Consumer Confidence Report on IGH Drinking Water Quality Report.

The purpose of this report is to provide you with information on your drinking water and how to protect our precious water resources.

Did you know? Ground water supplies 99 percent of total domestic, municipal and industrial water used in Dakota County.

Here is an overview of the infrastructure that makes up our community's water distribution system:

  • 1,824 fire hydrants
  • 3,984 valves
  • 171 miles of water main lines
  • 3 water towers
  • 2 reservoirs, which contain 10 million gallons of water

Questions about this report? Contact IGH Utilities Division at 651-450-4309 or email to