Right of Way Permits

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The Inver Grove Heights Engineering Department uses the countywide One Stop Roadway Permit Shop to manage all right-of-way permits. Apply for a Right of Way Permit.

Right of Way Utility Permit

Permits private utilities to install or maintain facilities in public right of way and easements.

Right of Way Excavation Permit

Permits companies to install public facilities in Public Right of Ways and Easements. This permit is commonly used but not limited to installation of driveway curb cuts, sanitary sewer services, water services and storm sewer in Public Right of Way and Easements.

Obstruction Permit

Permits temporary obstruction of portions of the public right of way. This permit is commonly used but not limited to vehicle obstructions while working on overhead utilities and working in existing manholes.

Fees associated with work in the public right of way are:

 User / installer registration fee: $40

 Utility permit fee: $200 plus $0.20 per linear foot for each excavation over 1,000 feet. A $10,000 Bond is required   

 Excavation permit fee: $200. A $5,000 Bond is required

  o Obstruction permit fee: $200

 To read about Inver Grove Heights right of way management please see Title 7, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of the Inver Grove Heights City Code.