Personal Training

We will be offering In-person and Virtual personal training sessions. 

Meet our trainers below and learn what personal training can do for you! In-person and virtual options available. 

  • If you select virtual, once you register - you’ll receive your virtual training form to complete and be connected with a Grove Personal Trainer.

Adult Training

No time for a class, need some motivation? Hire a trainer to jump start your workouts!  Sign-up for sessions now!

Group Training

Want a training buddy or need to train a small group? Check out our group training packages with options for 2-6 people per session.

Youth Sports Training

We also offer  individual and team training including the following sports: dance, cross country, ice skating, track and field, volleyball, and baseball/softball.  Training includes TRX, kettle bell, strength training, aqua running, boxing & more. For more information, contact Amy Crary  or at 651-554-3426.

Meet our trainers below - but first find out what personal training can do for you!

Important Safety Guidelines for reopening

Personal training orientations and assessments: Our trainers and fitness staff will wear a face covering, maintain proper social distancing and coach with non-contact methods when working one-on-one or in small groups with customers. Fitness assessments will not use methods of measurement that require contact.

Personal Training Overview

The first step to your fitness journey is to assess your fitness level and discuss your goals with an assessment.

A Personal Trainer Can...

  • Design a personalized fitness program 
  • Provide assistance and motivation
  • Help you meet your fitness goals
  • Help you fit exercise into your busy schedule
  • Create time efficient workouts
  • Teach you proper form and technique
  • Provide aqua stretching or assisted stretching
  • Provide wellness coaching and diet analysis
  • Help you recover from injury

If you are serious about learning how to live a healthier life while striving for results, register online for sessions. Questions? Feel free to email the Grove’s Fitness Coordinator, Amy Crary.

Meet our Personal Trainers

  • Packet of Trainer Profiles (coming soon)

Trainer Highlight

We would like to introduce you to our trainers! 

Meet Amy Crary, The Grove’s Fitness Coordinator Amy Crary bio pic official

Amy Crary is a certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach with 25 years of experience in the Fitness Industry and 15 years as the Fitness coordinator at the VMCC.

Amy loves outdoor activities including biking, running rollerblading and skiing. She has completed several 10 mile and half marathons. 

Amy specializes in working with those with injuries. She assess peoples posture, biomechanics, availability, lifestyle and goals. And then designs a unique program based on these results. All clients start with core stabilization exercises and progress from stable environments to unstable. She loves utilizing the pool, TRX, Yoga, stability balls and agility exercises so the customer is prepared for any of life’s challenges.

Amy is:

  • ACE Certified PT
  • RYT 200 Yoga Certified
  • AEA Certified Aquatic Trainer
  • MS and Arthritis certified
  • TRX, Kettle bell, Pilates, Tai Chi

Let Amy inspire you to better health today! To set up an appointment with Amy call 651-554-3420 or email at:

Meet Claudia BiebertClaudia

Claudia has coached and played sports her whole life. She is a firm believer in having fun while you work out. As a mother of eight children and nine grand children, she understands demanding schedules. She would love to help you fit exercise in your busy lifestyle and get you in the best shape of your life!

Claudia is:

  • NETA Certified
  • TRX Certified
  • Kettle Bell Certified
  • Aqua Certified
  • A Boot Camp Instructor
  • A Cycle Instructor

To set up an appointment with Claudia, call 651-554-3420 or email at:

Meet Andrew Blaufussandrew

Andrew’s Strength & Conditioning Specialties and TRX certifications are sure to help you achieve your fitness goals this summer. His background has taken him all around the country, including California and Wisconsin, for the sake of developing high-quality lesson plans here at the Grove!

Andrew enjoys providing proper health and fitness education strategies to clients. He ensures that all clients receive practical, up-to-date information that benefit them individually. He understands that a personal trainer is an investment, and he wants to make sure that you get the most out of every minute with him.

To set up an appointment with Andrew, call 651-554-3420 or email at:

Meet Shari BoeckmanShari Boeckman

Shari has always enjoyed being active and has a long history of teaching and helping others to be active. It all started with giving physical fitness tests for the Minn. Army National Guard.

She’s certified in many specialties, including Yoga, Cycle, and TRX and Kettleball. She is an injury specialist and former soccer coach.

Shari enjoys hiking, downhill and cross-country skiing. She is an avid snorkeler and scuba diver.

Learn more about Shari and how she can help shape your personal health journey. To set up an appointment with Shari, call 651-554-3420 or email at:

Meet Tom KellerTomkeller

Tom enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking and fishing. He enjoys working with a variety of age groups from kids to seniors. Weight loss is definitely an important area of becoming healthy but others include strength training and toning, balance, core strengthening, and daily functioning. 

As a personal trainer he looks to provide his clients the tools to take charge of their health and fitness goals with confidence so they can exercise on their own! 

Tom’s core skills are:  

  • Aqua certified 
  • Trx certified 
  • Kettle Bell certified 
  • Cycle certified 

Want to start reaching your goals with Tom? To set up an appointment with Tom, call 651-554-3420 or email at:

Meet Thomas KrohnThomas Krohn

Tom enjoys movement to challenge both the mind and the body. Anything from rock climbing to swing dancing.Tom has a passion for helping people get moving in ways that they enjoy to motivate and inspire them. He focuses on functional and plyometric exercises to do anything from increasing mobility to kinesthetic awareness to pushing your limits. 

Tom especially loves dancing! And often incorporates mind-challenging movement patterns into his workouts to engage memory as well as muscle and cardiovascular work.

Tom is:

  • NETA Certified
  • A Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer
  • Pilates, TRX, Kettlebell, Barre Certified
  • A Silver Sneakers Instructor
  • A Licensed Zumba, Zumba Gold, Aqua Zumba and STRONG by Zumba Instructor
  • Has 5 years experience

To set up an appointment with Thomas, call 651-554-3420 or email:

Meet Cameron Mulvihill personal trainer cameron

I love fitness because I love pushing my boundaries and always trying to become a better version of myself. I love that when I work out I could have a terrible day, but I can always have a sense of accomplishment that day that I worked out. I realize that fitness is one of the best ways that you can take care of yourself and improve your quality of life. I also believe that working out a lot can teach you so much about yourself and what you are capable of. I got into personal training because I enjoy teaching others what I know and I would like to motivate someone to make a positive change in their lives.

My personal style is that I like to personalize my routine. I don’t like recycling the same routine because I feel like everybody is different and has their own goals. My plans will be very personal and very goal oriented. I’m not looking to waste anyone’s time. I can relate well with those who are trying to lose weight or gain muscle. I also love to learn and I am constantly trying to teach myself new things

  • Neta Certified

To set up an appointment with Cameron, call 651-554-3420 or email at:

Meet Tania SerafimovTania

Tania was a long time runner and has now transformed into a yogi at heart. She began yoga to challenge herself and quickly learned that through practice, yoga integrates body and mind, and spirit that drives it all. She believes that physical practice is a great metaphor of life and that strength comes from inside. 

Tania is:

  • NETA certified Personal Training
  • NETA certified Wellness Coach
  • NETA certified Barre Blend and Barre Cardio 
  • Yoga Alliance certified 200 RYT
  • NETA certified Yoga Therapy 
  • Himalayan Institute certified Ayurvedic Yoga specialist

Tania designs programs to challenge you from the inside out based on her yoga and Ayurveda experience. To set up an appointment with Tania, call 651-554-3420 or email at:

Meet Laura

More information coming soon!

To set up an appointment with Laura, call 651-554-3420 or email at:

Meet Teri

More information coming soon!

To set up an appointment with Teri, call 651-554-3420 or email at:

Meet Kayla Kaylabest

This is Kayla and in addition to providing personal training at The Grove, she also teaches the Food & Fitness Class. To set up an appointment with Kayla, call 651-554-3420 or email at: Learn more about her and her background in this short video: