Franchise Fee Calendar

6/5/2017 City Council Work Session

6/19/2017 City Council Special Meeting 6:00 p.m. to discuss uses

7/10/2017 City Council Meeting 1st Reading of Ordinance

7/10/2017 Call for Public Hearing

7/14/2017 Publication on website to provide additional notice

7/30/2017 and 8/6/2017 Publication in Southwest Review to provide additional notice

8/10/2017 River Heights Chamber Local Issues Meeting

8/14/2017 City Council Meeting Public Hearing and 2nd Reading of Ordinance

9/11/2017 City Council Meeting Continuation of Public Hearing and 3rd Reading of Ordinance

9/17/2017 Ordinance Publication in Southwest Review

9/18/2017 Send Ordinance to Dakota Electric and Xcel Energy

10/1-12/31/17 Xcel Energy requires receipt of ordinance at least 90 days prior to implementation

1/1/2018 Proposed Implementation of Franchise Fees

4/2018 City Collects 1st Quarter Franchise Fees from Dakota Electric & Xcel Energy

 Franchise Fees billed January and February

 Franchise Fees collected February and March

 Franchise Fees remitted April

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1. What is a Franchise Fee
2. Why is Inver Grove Heights discussing Franchise Fees?
3. Why are franchise fees a better option than increasing the property tax levy?
4. How will franchise fees be reported?
5. When will the franchise fees be implemented?
6. What are the proposed fees and have comparisons of tax impacts vs franchise fees been calculated?
7. How long will the franchise fee be on a bill?
8. What other cities within Dakota County have franchise fees?
9. Are Dakota Elecric and Xcel Energy involved in instituting the franchise fee?
10. Is there an ongoing administration fee charged by Dakota Electric and Xcel Energy for collecting the franchise fee?
11. How can I learn more about franchise fees?
12. What are the proposed monthly fees?
13. Have comparisons of tax impacts vs franchise fees been calculated?
14. Franchise Fee Calendar